xkko Organic Cotton Muslins (3 pack)

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Nappies made of certified organic cotton with the highest weight in the European market!

Compared to a conventional cotton nappy, organic cotton nappies XKKO Organic Old Times are much finer and softer.

Compared to a conventional cotton nappy, organic cotton nappies XKKO Organic Old Times have more than 45% higher weight. So they follow in the tradition of quality cotton nappies from more than 40 years ago. Moreover, the new added value is natural, pure organic cotton grown without the use of chemicals.

Organic cotton with a GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard) is grown without chemical spraying while utilizing natural laws.

Natural biodiversity, crop rotation, and compost fertilization keep the soil healthy and full of nutrients. Instead of using chemical preparations, weeds are removed by simple manual weeding and hoeing, mulching, more efficient irrigation and growing of multiple plant species together.

Only natural insecticides are used and various methods (such as planting of specific crops) encourage the occurrence of natural enemies of plant pests. The picking of cotton blossoms is often done by hand or by other very gentle methods, and always without the action of chemicals used to defoliate plants.

Number of pieces in the packaging: 3 pcs


Dimension: 70x70cm

Weight (pcs): 85+gr./ps

Surface weight: 173+ g/m2

Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton


Wooven by hollow braid method

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