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Elemental joy one size cover

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One Size (8-35lbs)*

• Cover accommodates any diaper insert for customized absorbency
• 3×3 snap down design adjusts the size to fit* small-large sizes (approx 8-35+ pounds)
• Gentle elastic prevents leaks
• Waterproof outer cover

• Elemental Joy inserts sold separately.

 *Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby. 

Wash: Wash warm with detergent. Wash hot (140F/60C) with detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Tumble dry low or line dry.
Dirty Storage: Remove Solids. Store in dry pail/bin. Wash soiled diapers every other day.
Note: Mineral based rash creams may stain your diapers. Cod liver oil based creams may cause odor. Use of a liner is recommended when using rash creams.

Outer: 100% Laminated Polyester

Diaper: Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials.

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