Best bottom stay dry bamboo newborn insert

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Best Bottom All-in-One Newborn Insert Features

Best Bottom Heavy Wetter All-in-One diapers come with a one-size, snap-in insert which can be tucked under itself for use with smaller rise settings. However, to help you get a trimmer fit for newborns using the smallest All-in-One rise snaps, we've created a special newborn insert to swap in for the included one-size insert.

The All-in-One Newborn Insert combines the natural absorbency of Bamboo with the super soft comfort of Stay-Dry fleece. The insert consists of 6 layers of bamboo viscose, topped with 1 layer of no-pill fleece.

Best Bottom Washing Instructions

Oh so easy!!

Prior to first use, wash and dry insert (and Heavy Wetter All-in-One shell) with detergent 3-5 times for full absorbency.

  1. Remove solids
  2. Reuse the shell until soiled or wash day. Separate shell from insert before washing. Fasten laundry tabs (if applicable).
  3. Do a cold rinse or cold quick wash (no detergent).
  4. Warm or hot (not sanitary) full wash with additive-free detergent (use detergent's recommended amount). Use the most amount of water possible.
    *Tip! Throw a soaking wet towel into your washing machine to "trick" it into using more water.
  5. Extra rinse.
  6. Inserts can be tumble dried. Shells should be line dried or tumble dried on low heat.
    *No fabric softeners, dryer sheets or additives such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, borax, oxyclean, etc. should be used.
    **Rash creams can only be used with a barrier between baby and the diaper.

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