Anavy pull up wool cover

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Incredibly breathable and reliable wool diaper cover. There is an extra layer of wool in the wetzone for better performance. The best cover for night-time use. Very comfortable construction without any elastics, only wide comfortable hems.
  • Hems, Lining and Inner Layer made from 100% Virgin Wool
  • There is an extra layer of wool in the wetzone for better performance
  • No Hook & Loop or snaps to fiddle with – just pull it up and go!
  • Best For Night time and over fitted nappies and flats secured with a snappy
  • Hand wash at 30 and treat with lanolin (instructions below)
  • Air dry Flat only


The cover fits all babies according to the size table over most diapers. The weight indications are approximate, always measure your baby.

  • S (3-7 kg) -- waist 24-40 cm, thigh 14-22 cm, rise approx. 46 cm
  • M (6-10 kg) -- waist 32-45 cm, thigh 18-28 cm, rise approx. 51 cm
  • L (9-13 kg) -- waist 40-55 cm, thigh 22-35 cm, rise approx. 54 cm
  • XL (12-16 kg) -- waist 46-64 cm, thigh 26-38 cm, rise approx. 60 cm
  • XXL (over 15 kg) -- waist 48-66 cm, thigh 28-42 cm, rise approx. 65 cm

How to use

Wool cover can be used over any absorbant diaper - includind a folded and fastened muslin square or prefold or a fitted nappy. The best combination is with a diaper that fits well around the legs thus preventing the delicate wool from being soiled.

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