Xkko eco 100% biodegradable liners 200 pack

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The XKKO ECO separating nappies are made of INGEO™ fibres - the world's first man-made fibres from renewable sources.  INGEO™ fibres are extruded from a corn starch based biopolymer. Production of this material requires 68% less fossil fuels compared to conventional plastics.

 Separating nappies XKKO ECO DO NOT contain:





or artificial silk.

Separating nappies XKKO ECO facilitate removal of rough impurities from cloth nappies and pant nappies and remove moisture from the baby's skin into the cloth nappy, thereby providing a greater feeling of dryness.  They are made of biodegradable materials  and can be composted. 

Separating nappies XKKO ECO should not be flushed into the toilet. Although the separating nappies XKKO ECO are environmentally degradable, they can, in the event of a poor state or narrowing of the diameter of the waste pipe, cause clogging of the sewerage and damage.

Number of pieces in the packaging: 200 pcs


Dimension: 30x19cm

Composition: 100% PLA

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