Ulrich nappy detergent with actifresh (2kg)

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2kg, enough for  30-50 washing loads
* Developed specifically for cloth nappies
* Ecological and vegan

The Ulrich Natürlich nappy detergent is perfect for washing all types of cloth nappies, whether they be made from cotton, bamboo, hemp, microfibre or polyester. 

Additionally it is made from only the most natural ingredients and is made without dyes, preservatives or perfumes. So you can be sure it is safe for your baby and won't harm the environment.

This detergent cleans thoroughly and blocks odours through the odour absorbing agent zinc salt/ricinolic acid.

In our experience, this detergent is very effective and we have had good results with less than the recommended amount. You can always start with the recommended dosage and then add more or less according to the washing results, water hardness, size of machine etc. The following is based on an average water hardness and a dry load of 4,5kg. As always when you wash your nappies, you should do a rinse cycle without detergent to remove excess urine and stool, before doing a regular wash at 60 degrees with detergent:

* 45 grams for lightly soiled wash
* 65 grams for normally soiled wash
* 90 grams for heavily soiled wash

A 10ml measuring spoon comes with the box. 

Ceolithe, >15 - <30% bleaching agents, non-ionic tensids, >5-<15% soap
Dinatriumcarbonat, Natriumcarbonat, Alcohols, C12-18, Zeolithe, Seife, Zinksalz der Rizinolsäure

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