Tots bots Peenut size 2 with inserts

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Tots bots Peenut is a all in 2 nappy system consisting of a wrap (waterproof outer) and a 2 piece bamboo insert you can use the small insert and large insert on its own or snap the 2 together for older toddlers and heavy wetters 

To use the PeeNut, insert the pads into the wrap and go - it's as simple as that!

  • The 3-in-1 PeeNut pad is made up of two pads (light and medium) that can be used separately or popped together for flexible absorbency and fit.
  • Use light for newborns during the day and medium at night.
  • Use medium during day once baby needs it.
  • Pop both light and medium pads back together for maximum absorbency once baby is doing power wees.
  • The pads are made from gorgeously soft bamboo with a touch of microfibre for fast drying.
  • Time to change? Pop in a new pad and re-use the wrap.

 Scamp, Waddle, roar, daydream and plop patterned peenut pads shown below, other patterns and solid colours come with natural pad. Additional pads can also be bought.

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