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Thirsties all in one nappy is now available for newborn babies weighing 5-14lb.
This easy to use newborn nappy features a waterproof outer with built in absorbancy from a three-layer microfiber terry soaker that absorbs an amazing seven times its weight in liquid along with a forth layer between the microfleece and the PUL outer, the main soaker is also topped with thirsties stay dry microfleece. This absorbant soaker is only sewn into one end of the nappy making it easy to wash thoroughly and dries really quickly in fact it is the fastest drying nappy thirsties have ever made and this is really important when newborn babies get through so many nappies in the early days.
It also has a adjustable rise and a snap down middle popper to use in the early days to protect the healing umblical cord.

All in all I think this nappy is going to be very popular - well done thirsties loving the new ocean prints as well.


Outer: 100% polyester with waterproof urethane coating
Inner liner: 100% polyester microfleece Inner absorbency : 1 layer of microfiber terry
Inner soaker: 100% polyester - 3 layers of microfiber terry topped with layer of microfleece

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