Softbums bamboo superpods

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Bamboo superpods are absorbant, trim and dry fast
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  • Same great One-size Super Bamboo Pods we have always made for you, and you have heard about from all your friends, just in a pre-washed version.  Less work for you!
  • Traditional natural fibers, including Bamboo products, USUALLY need to be pre-washed many many times before use, to rinse out the natural oils so that they finally become absorbent enough for use. We have eliminated the need for this lengthy pre-washing step, and now you only need to pre-wash your PODs just once to be able to use them!
Less Work, Means more time with baby!
  • Without the usual lengthy pre-washing, you can now enjoy using your Bamboo PODs right away!
  • No more leaks due to insufficient pre-washing
  • Less wear a
  • nd tear on the fibers from multiple HOT washes to prep them
  • More absorbency quicker
  • Saves time and Money for your family!

  • Natural Bamboo is trim & super absorbent, making this a premier diapering choice
  • Great for ages 0-36 months
  • Easily snaps or stuffs into your Echo or Omni shell
  • Perfect nighttime diaper!
  • Great for light or heavy wetters
  • Stains are easily removed by a few minutes in the sun
Pre-Wash Instructions:
  • Wash Once in HOT water with 1/4 of the recommended amt of detergent.  Make sure water level is HIGH.  Dry on Medium in the Dryer.  The first few times you wash your natural fiber inserts/pods they will take longer to dry.  Simply hang to dry the rest of the way.  
*Bamboo is NOT recommended to dry in Full Sun

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