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We've simplified the lanolizing process for our wonderful customers! For everyday washing of your wool items, simply melt a Lanolin Cube in a cup of boiled or really hot water. Stir until it is dissolved and water turns soapy white. Then pour into your warm water sink basin. Your wool diaper covers, sweaters and other items will be washed and conditioned in one easy step. Follow with a rinse and gently wring out excess water and hang dry. This wash will not bubble up or get foamy, but your wool will get clean! If you want foamy lanolin soap, try our foaming wash! You may also lanolize your wool by adding up to one tablespoon (approx. 35 grams) of our solid lanolin. Dissolve in hot water as described above. Soak your wool for 20 minutes and up to overnight. Gently squeeze out excess water and then lay on a towel and roll to remove excess water for faster drying and minimal stretching. (Important for new wool, well used wool or heavy wetters!) Please Note: You can use more Lanolin Cubes for larger sweaters, bulk washing or multiple diaper covers. If you have a small or newborn cover, you can cut it in half. But for time and ease, we recommend washing more than one cover at a time. Each package contains 6 Cubes!

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