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Our super soft and absorbent mat is made from fast drying microfibre with a beautifully soft waterproof section that pops over your baby so they can enjoy nappy free time without any little surprises for you! Perfect to use for baby massage, which is great for soothing and relaxing your baby. Our mat simply rolls up and poppers together making it portable and perfect for use on the go! Our new and improved little mat now comes with a handy wipe pouch, perfectly positioned to give you easy access to your wipes come change time! The zipped pouch will fit both about 6 of our reusable bamboo wipes or a small stack of standard disposables.

Gorgeously soft, absorbent and fast drying

*Removable waterproof section that goes over baby for nappy free time or baby massage

*Integrated waterproof layer

*Handy pocket with easy access for storing your wipes in

*Rolls up for easy storage and use on the go!

*Compact to store, perfect for your change bag

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