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Planetwise roll down bag

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Planet Wise Roll-Down Wet Bags are great for those really wet items - like a soaking wet swimsuit! Just roll down the top and snap in place, making sure the zipper is tucked inside the roll. Now you have a waterproof bag that will travel with no wicking at all! You can pack your wet swimsuit or other wet items without getting the rest of the items in your bag or suitcase wet.

Of course the Planet Wise Roll-Down Wet Bag has the patent-pending sealed seams, just like all the Planet Wise Wet Bags. Try filling your bag with water and giving it a squeeze - no liquid will escape! Transport your wettest, dirtiest and smelliest items with confidence.

The Planet Wise Roll-Down Wet Bags are available in 2 sizes:

Medium - 12.5" x 16"
Large - 17.5" x 22"

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