Planet wise Medium Lite Wet Bags

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Planetwise lite wetbag fold up small so are ideal to keep in your changing bag, they have a handle that co-ordinates with the print and matches your best bottom diaper prints.

Planet Wise Lite Wet Bags are a single-layer version of the best-selling Planet Wise Wetbags. They feature the popular Best Bottom Diaper prints, now your diapers and wetbag can match!

Planet Wise Lite Wetbags are sewn and sealed with the patent-pending seam sealing that Planet Wise is famous for. Even your wettest and stinkiest items are contained in these bags!

Each bag features a coordinating lead-free locking zipper, and snap handle for easy carrying.

Bag measures approximately 12" x 16" and holds 5-8 cloth diapers.

All Planet Wise Wetbags are proudly made in the USA!

Machine wash cold or warm, tumble or air dry. No bleach or additives.

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