Osocozy unbleached Organic Cotton Flat Diapers (single and 6pk)

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Made of 100% UNBLEACHED-ORGANIC birdseye weave cotton and sewn to dimensions of 27x30.5 inches. Once washed these diapers shrink to a square of about 26 inches per side, perfect for folding. Flat diapers are the original cloth nappy our great grand mothers used. These can be folded and closed with pins or a snappi or they can be folded into a diaper cover and they make great pocket diaper inserts and doublers. Easy to clean and line dry. Even in humid climates. Because of the quick and easy drying, these are also a popular option for international relief programs and orphanges. These diapers are also popular for a variety of other uses such as house cleaning, optical, screen and window cleaning and for applying and removing facials at spas and at home. These diapers are durable and lint free.

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