Osocozy newborn prefolds (singles and packs of 6)

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Osocozy unbleached Indian cotton prefolds quilt up nice and thick, are soft, very absorbent and lint free. The material is sanforized so that the diapers feel nice right out of the box. (Sanforization is a process of treatment used for cotton fabrics mainly and most textiles made from natural or chemical fibres, patented by Sanford Lockwood Cluett (1874–1968) in 1930.[1] It is a method of stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width before cutting and producing, to reduce the shrinkage which would otherwise occur after washing.)

Newborn 4x6x4 Unbleached Prefold Diapers - 100% cotton twill weave unbleached prefold cloth diapers that are soft, durable and highly absorbent. These are made in Pakistan with luxurious Indian cotton. These diapers are the rave of the cloth diapering community. Because they are unbleached they have a natural ivory cotton color to them. As with all prefolds these will shrink 5-10%. They take several washes to become fully absorbent. 
These are thicker then other newborn and premmie prefolds with 4 layers on the side panels and 6 in the middle, have salmon and light blue trim stitching and measure 10" by 14" they can be folded and fastened with pins or nappi nappa for better containment. Fits 6-11lb approx depending on fold and babies size, can be used as a nappy booster when baby is older.
A economical yet effective nappy that is easy to care for.

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