Nappi nippas single size 2 toddler lemon

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A easy way to fasten terry nappies and prefolds
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Nappi nippas are a easy way to fasten your terry nappies and prefolds, just fasten one side then stretch to the other side and finally the middle bottom. Using a nappi nippa are much easier then using nappy pins and give nappies a nice fit on any baby.

Size 2 toddler are designed to suit larger babies and toddlers 

Beware these hurt if you stand on them bare foot, so please put the end over the teeth when not is use and keep away from children.

Tired of constantly stabbing himself or his children whilst trying to change a reusable nappy, the inventor of the Nappi Nippa was convinced there had to be an easier and safer way to stay green.

The Nappi Nippa is a T-shaped fastener, that stretches and grips easily to the front of a reusable nappy to hold it snugly and firmly in place. It was an instant success worldwide with millions being sold each year.

Nappi Nippas started trading in March 1994 and is the sole U.K. distributor of the fastener, marketed under the name nappi nippas

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