Nanami Olly Pillow for nursing and relaxing (6 colours)

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Beautiful and original food cushion of the beautiful new baby brand of Dutch soil: Nanami (the brand name Nanami stands for 'seven seas').

The newest feeding pillow is the dog Olly, it is a multifunctional cushion of Nanami that you can support during the pregnancy and your baby over the years. During your pregnancy, Olly can support you when you sleep.

When your child is there, Olly can serve as a feeding pillow. Olly also offers support when your child learns to sit. By placing your baby between Olly's legs, you no longer have to worry that your little one is hurting when your child falls backwards or sideways. By putting your baby on the stomach on Olly, you stimulate play on the stomach and strengthen the back and neck muscles in this way.

When your child is big enough to sleep in a bed, Olly can be used as a sleeping pillow. While traveling, such as in a car, Olly can serve as a neck support.

Also as a chill cushion you have years of pleasure from this eye-catcher!

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