Little lamb washable fleece liners 10 pack

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Fleece liners are washable liners when used in fitted and prefold nappies they form a stay dry liner wee goes through the liner and poo is caught on the liner and is easily removed by shaking or stretching over the toilet.

Made from ultra-soft microfleece, these washable liners will save you both time and money.

Placed between baby and the nappy, it catches the poo for easy disposal down the loo whilst letting the wee pass through to be absorbed by the nappy. As microfleece is an extruded filament nothing really sticks to it. 

No need for flushable liners when you buy this pack of 10 washable liners.

Suitable to use with all real nappy systems.

Size 1 size is 30cm x 11.5cm
Size 2 size is 35cm x 14 cm

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