Little lamb paper liners (now with paper eco packaging)

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Little lamb roll of 100 flushable paper nappy liners.

Little lamb paper liners are very popular nappy liners especially for older babies that are on solid food.


* One way action keeps baby dry.
* I00% Biodegradable.
* Non-Chlorine Bleached.
* Recycled from pre-consumer scrap waste.
* A roll of 100 sheets easy to use.

Littlelamb paper liners are designed to be placed in the nappy next to baby's skin. The nappy will draw any moisture through the liner but it will stop the solids. When you change baby's dirty nappy, remove the liner and drop it down the toilet and simply flush it away.
Our generously sized paper liners can be cut in two for smaller babies but please do not fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will prevent quick absorption by the cloth nappy.
Caution: Do not flush paper liners if you have old, narrow or damaged drains. If unsure please bag and bin them.

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