Little lamb bamboo boosters - size 2 double thickness 20 boosters
Pack of 10 2 ply boosters

Little lamb bamboo boosters - size 2 double thickness 20 boosters

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Little lamb bamboo boosters are ideal to boost any nappy, these are ideal for overnight and heavy wetters, place one or two either in the pocket of a nappy or between the nappy and wrap if using fitted nappies, these bamboo boosters can also be used with prefolds and terry nappies to increase absorbancy. When using to boost pocket nappies with microfibre inserts place the bamboo booster underneath the microfibre.
For little boys the booster can be folded in half and placed at the front of the nappy.
Little lamb bamboo boosters are available in 2 ply so 2 layers of fabric in a pack of 10 or 3 ply - 3 layers in a pack of 5 both sizes are excellent value for money, lovely and soft and the 2 ply boosters are fairly quick to dry.
The most popular size bamboo booster here is size 2 given the extra length lets the booster be folded where extra absorbancy is needed.

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