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The wool overpants from Little Clouds is a pair of slip pants. It is made of 100% soft, breathable new wool (from certified organic livestock). The overpants are double knit, so it is very leak proof and a great pants for the night.

Wool overpants are particularly breathable and are particularly suitable for children with sensitive skin. Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter. The high waistband warms the stomach and kidneys .

The wool overpants absorb a lot of excess urine, which combines with the lanolin - the natural wax of wool fibers - and is neutralized. In a wet only wool overpants, it is therefore sufficient to dry them in the fresh air. The pants are then hygienically clean again - thanks to the natural self-cleaning of the wool fiber. You only need to wash and grease the overpants every 2-3 weeks, eg with disana shampoo and lanolin, or other wool  cure products hereLet yourself convince yourself of the numerous advantages of a wool overpants! 

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