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Everyone Needs A Few Buddiez!

Never leave home without your Buddiez! They love sitting in the sun at the beach full of sunscreen, hanging out in the diaper bag with your Rumparooz or sitting on your desk with lotion next to your I LOVE RAR mug!

These 3 oz. Travel Buddiez are here to make your on-the-go adventures an ease with just a simple squeeze! These bottles are TSA approved, so no matter if you are on a quick plane trip or a trip to the store, these Buddiez literally go anywhere and everywhere. Buddiez are durable food-grade silicone which is also easy for little hands to use if you want to fill them with squeeze food! 

The twist on cap can be customized by spinning the ring to read: Shamp., Cond., Sun, Lotion, Soap and blank for customizing and easily staying organized. 

Buddiez are dishwasher safe and easy clean! Before you know it, you’ll need a Buddiez for everything! 

Use your Travel Buddiez to hold:
Shampoo & Conditioner
Hand Sanitizer
Cloth Wipe Solution
Baby Food

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