Kanga care doll nappies (pack of 2)

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When they cut the covers to make Rumparooz® we have just enough fabric to make these delightful little diapers that your children are going to love!

Children love to watch and learn from their parents and changing their dolls diapers is one of those priceless moments you can share with them. Teach them the value of cloth diapers and reducing waste. The Rumparooz® Doll Diapers are a limited stocking item. They are made after we have accumulated enough fabric remnants to make a batch of doll diapers.

  • Fits a wide range of baby dolls averaging 10" to 16"
  • Fits Bitty Baby, Lots to Love Dolls, Waldorf Dolls and many more!
  • Fits up to 13" waist and diaper is 9" in length. Very stretchy elastic provides wide variety of fit!
  • Complete with a Rumparooz tag on the rump!

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