Imse vimse training pants

Imse vimse training pants

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ImseVimse’s training pants are used as an aid when potty training. The pant is worn as regular underwear. The training pant has extra absorbing layers of cotton that helps absorb urine and creates a wet feeling for the child. This will then help the child to associate the feeling of needing to go to the toilet with the wet feeling of the training pant.

Although the training pant has a protective layer of PUL to prevent instant leakage when the pant gets wet it is not leakproof. The training pant is not a diaper and should not be treated as one. The pant is merely an aid in potty training. The training pant will leak eventually which it’s the purpose of the pant, but it gives you the chance and time of bringing your child to the potty without getting pee all over the floor or the couch.

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