Imse vimse patterned muslins

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Muslin squares for cloth diapering. Cover with ImseVimse’s diaper cover of choice.

ImseVimse’s muslin squares are 70×70 cm / 27,6×27,6 inches and comes in 4-pack. It’s made of double-woven 100% cotton, with cute elephants and giraffes print. Suitable for babies weighing 2-8 kg /4,5-1 lbs

The muslin squares are made of double-woven 100% cotton, with cute elephants and giraffes print. 

Tip: use one of our popular ImseVimse Diaper Cover with this muslin square to keep your baby dry. The muslins can be folded as a triangle or straight. Besides being used as a diaper, many people use ImseVimse’s muslins squares for other things, such as under the bed sheets, sunscreen, baby /comfort blanket or shoulder protection for burping babies. It can also be used as extra diaper insert when your baby gets bigger. Muslin squares with possibilities!

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