Spring cleaning

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Today is the start of spring and a time of year for that “spring clean” .
Spring cleaning is when we give our house a deep cleaning from top to bottom covering tasks that we maybe only do once a year like washing curtains, maybe the sunlight shows up the dirt and dust or just gives us the energy and drive to clean, others say they do a deep clean and then only need to do quick cleans during the summer freeing up more time to enjoy the great outdoors
There are loads of cleaning products available for cleaning our house and clothing, a walk down the cleaning aisle in a supermarket is proof enough but most are chemical based so can we clean our homes in a more eco friendly way? Ecover is sold in most supermarkets and they have been around for 40 years being green pioneers and taking inspiration from nature refills are also available to save plastic bottles. We also sell a range of laundry and cleaning products here at FMP
 Ecover use plant-based raw materials in their original form, or after they have been processed to ensure we get full use of the cleaning power of nature. There are plenty of useful ingredients to be found in nature – from aloe vera, herbs, starches, oils from palm, coconut and rapeseed, to essential oils from orange peel and lavender and even wood fibres. We also use minerals like sand, zeolites and silicates. And there’s no danger of depletion of the world’s resources; we make sure that everything we use is either renewable or found in abundance. Supermarkets are now making their own brand eco products.

The FMP cleaning cupboard

Both in the unit and at home we use eco products it is important to me that
  •  - The products are effective
  •  - The products aren’t testing on animals
  •  - The products are vegan if possible

FMP cleaning supplies

I find it hard to find washing powders and liquids that actually work Elowen is 6 and though not a messy child we do get stains such as grass, mud and tomato sauce I also have a habit if getting gravy and tea on my cloths, but I moisten the stain with warm water and then rub with the ecover stain remover, for our light washing I tend to use the bio-d powder I love the brown bag it comes in and school uniform, bedding and towels I use the home scents liquid or the eco egg when using this fab item I do reduce the rinse cycle to just 1 so saving water, electric and time.
Windows we are using e-cloths simply spray the window with water wipe with the thicker orange cloth and then buff with the thinner satin type fabric. We alsoo find method glass cleaner very good.
Washing up I love ecover washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets we are at the moment using the bio-d powder.
Spray cleaners I love method, and they do such a range for kitchen, multipurpose, bathroom ,shower, granite,polish.
Oven cleaner this has to be one of my most dreaded jobs with the chemical smell and warnings on the bottles but now we have switched to ecover oven and hob cleaner.
We like most families at the moment are on a budget so price is also a important factor when choosing the bio-d powder is £3.95 and does 17 washes, washing up liquid £1.60. Eco cleaning products can also be made from lemons, newspaper, bicarb.

At the end of the day we need to clean our homes and clothing and there are plenty of eco ways to do this it is just a case of finding what suits you and your family.
We are helping one reader by giving away a starter pack of our favourate products due to weight and the prescence of liquids this is only open to people with a UK postage address