Fresh moon soaker pads - bamboo or hemp

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Fresh Moon SnapOn cloth menstrual pads are an interchangeable system that allows you to customize your day-to-day absorbency needs. A fast drying SnapOn system consists of a trim body and soakers; you choose what ‘snaps on.’ Choose from wool or fleece as a barrier body. Pair them with soakers designed to meet your flow needs. For lighter flow, simply SnapOn the 9” soaker pad to a 9” body; for medium or heavier flow, use the 11” or 13” soakers with the same sized body. You can use the bodies through 2-4 soaker changes depending on your flow, and wear the soaker size that suites your personal cycle pattern.

  • 9” Soaker - for light flow days 
  • 11” Soaker - for medium flow days 
  • 13” Soaker - for heavy flow days
Both hemp and bamboo fabrics are highly absorbent and they inhibit the growth of bacteria to keep you healthy.

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