Flip organic cotton cloth nappy night single insert

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Organic Inserts are very soft, ultra-absorbent
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Flip is a all in two or hybrid nappy system, it consists of a one size waterproof wrap and a choice of 4 inserts to give you options choose from the one size or newborn stay insert, organic cotton day or night inserts or even disposable inserts.
The flip night time insert is thicker then the organic day inserts as they are made from more layers on cotton they also have stitching that make folding them to fit small or large settings on your flip cover easier, these were the original flip organic inserts before they bought out the new single layer organic day insert. They do take while to dry but that is a sign that the nappy or insert is very absorbant.
Please note I can only send bumgenius and flip products in the UK

Flip Organic Inserts are very soft, ultra-absorbent and made from 100% Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton. Simply fold one way for the small setting and fold the other for a medium/large setting. Flip Organic Inserts are ideal for a heavy wetting baby overnight


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