Ecover zero fabric conditioner

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Part of our ZERO range, this specially formulated fabric conditioner has zero fragrance and zero colouring. See what we did. Plant and mineral-based ingredients leave clothes cuddly soft without irritating sensitive skin. And Allergy UK has given Ecover ZERO Fabric Conditioner the big thumbs up.

Available in 750ml


For machine washing: Pour 1 or 2 capfuls (for extra softness) into the fabric conditioner dispensing compartment of your washing machine. Run your washing machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions. For hand washing: Add to last rinse of your hand wash. Dilute ½ or 1 capful of fabric conditioner in 5 litres of warm water. (1 capful = 30 ml).

Do not put undiluted fabric conditioner directly onto your laundry.


5-15%:Cationic surfactants
<5%:Preservative (Lactic acid)
Propylene glycol
Magnesium chloride

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