CJ's Butter carcass cleaner

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A beneficial, moisturizing base is mixed with a gentle, natural soap to provide a truly amazing product.  Use carcass cleaner to wash your face, hands, body, hair or anything else to gently cleanse and moisturize at the same time.  Carcass cleaner can also be diluted to be used as a wipes solution for reusable wipes.  Sold in an 8.5 oz bottle with foamer pump. Note: this product does not lather as it is a natural product and this would require a synthetic lathering agent.
Castile Soap
Distilled Water
Shea Olein
Olive Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Scent from either All Natural Fragrance OR Essential Oil/Essential Oil Blend OR Synthetic Fragrance Oil
For sensitive skin we always recommend the unscented option over synthetic scents

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