Blueberry pail liners and laundry bag

Blueberry pail liners and laundry bag

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One bag, 3 ways to use. One of the most versatile diaper laundry bag currently available. The only one of its kind made with an elasticord that makes it possible to use it both as a tote bag and a diaper pail liner with an elasticized opening.
To use as a diaper pail liner, simply slip the bag into a diaper pail or a 13 gal (or less) trash can. The elasticized opening will keep the edge of the bag securely in place.

When full, close the bag shut and use as a portable laundry bag. 

To use as a hanging diaper pail or laundry bag, simply slip cord over a hook or door knob. 

Measures 27" wide x 28" tall with an 8" gusset.

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