Blueberry newborn simplex (organic cotton)

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Blueberry newborn simplex is a all in one nappy designed to fit newborns from 6-16lb.
It has a waterproof outer and 11 layers on 100% cotton birseye in the wet zone, there are also pocket openings at the front and back of the nappy so extra absorbancy can be added if needed these will agitate out of the nappy in the wash meaning there is no need to remove them before washing.
As the nappy's soaker insert is attached at one end it comes out in the wash to help give a thorough clean and for the nappy to dry faster.
The nappy poppers down in the middle while baby's umblical cord is healing and can be left fully open for older babies.
Weight range: 6-16 lbs
Waist: 9-19"
Thighs: 3.5-10"
Rise: 12"

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