Blueberry Capri Inserts

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Blueberry capri inserts are made from 100% birds eye cotton, these inserts are ultra absorbant and flexible they can be folded to fit with extra layers where needed such as in the front for boys, the long insert also means that it dries fast. Another feature of this insert is that half of it is covered with microfleece so that you can choose to have the stay dry or cotton fabric next to babies skin. Use inserts in covers such as the blueberry capri or in pocket nappies. Size 1: Measures 4" x 22" (after shrinkage) Size 2: Measures 5" x 30" (after shrinkage) Fabric Content: Birdseye layers: 100% cotton Microfleece layer: 100% polyester Made in the USA Before using the inserts: wash and dry your inserts 2-3 times on hot prior to first use. This causes the fibers to shrink, fluff up and become more absorbent. The inserts will shrink and get thicker with the first few washes. This shrinkage has been allowed for when designing the inserts. General Wash & Care: Keep your wet and dirty diapers in a diaper pail. If you've stuffed the inserts inside the diaper, shake out the insert into your pail and throw the diaper in after changing your baby. Because natural, organic and 100% cotton fibers tend to wear slightly more than conventional or synthetic fibers, a little extra care can extend the life of the diaper.

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