Bitti tutto (OSFA) soaker sets with booster

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We are pleased to be stocking itti nappies again the shells will be here soon, but we have a box of inserts in stock already so they have the older style labelling and come with a mini booster - the new sets you buy the mini booster separately. Bitti tutto and large itti nappies were what my daughter wore at nursery being absorbent and easy to use when set up as a all in one nappy. 

The 2 piece soaker set is designed to be used with your bitti tutto nappy shell to make a complete nappy. For extra economy, you can reuse the outer shell and replace wet soaker pads with dry ones. This soaker set comes with a long and a short soaker. The long soaker can be snapped to any size so will fit from a newborn to a toddler. The one size fits most soaker set tucks into the bitti tutto one size fits most nappy perfectly stopping the nappy from becoming bulky and still being able to get the right fit from newborn to toddler.

You can fold and adjust the two soaker pads to many different combinations, to put the absorbency just where you need it – newborns, boys, girls, tummy sleepers, toddlers all have different needs and these clever soaker pads let you customize the nappy perfectly for your baby.

We recommend a great way to start is snapping the soaker pads into the colour coded snaps. If you find your baby is a heavier wetter you can add a mini soaker (included in our sets) Remember, there is no “wrong” way to snap Itti’s soaker pads. Our soakers are versatile and can be snapped in any way and in any itti nappy that works for you.

One Size Fits All Soaker Sets are available in super absorbent Bamboo or in silk touch microfibre. Making the one size fits most nappy accommodating for everyone.

You will need 1-3 sets of soaker pads per nappy shell.

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