Bambino super soft mioliners

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Bambino mio super soft nappy liners can be used with all cloth nappies and swim nappies for easier clean up when nappies are soiled that also keep babies skin dry as they are designed to repel water.
These liners can also be used as a natural baby wipe for nappy changing or other times by adding warm water, you can add a few drops of essential oil for a soothing baby wipe
Each liner made from viscose and measures 220mm by 300mm (22cm by 30 cm approx), with 100 liners in a easy to use box.
Wet liners can be composted and soiled wipes can be flushed one at a time, please take care with old toilets or any that have narrow pipes no responsibility is taken.

Single pack £3.49 pack of 4 save 10%

220mm x 300mm

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