Bambino miosoft nappy cover

Bambino miosoft nappy cover

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Bambino's new miosoft covers are a fab wrap that now comes in just 2 sizes - size 1 for upto 9kg and size 2 for over 9kg, and now available in the lovely miosolo prints.
  • Water resistant and wipe clean so no need to reach for a new cover after every change.
  • That means you’ll only need 3 or 4 covers.
  • Reshaped and restyled for ultimate comfort and a super slim fit.
  • Simply fasten the Velcro® tabs – it’s as easy as a disposable!
  • Super soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Double elasticated leg cuffs and waist give you ultimate leak protection.
  • Stretchy lightweight fabric allows baby freedom to move and explore.
  • Special laundry tabs protect your covers when washing and they dry quick too.
  •  Just 2 sizes of nappy cover (<9kg and 9kg+).
  • Made from 100% polyester, laminated to polyurethane.
  •  Made in Europe
*True for most, but due to the natural variations in babies' shapes and sizes, this cannot be guaranteed.

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