Babee greens Mandarin cleansing greens (makes 4 X 8oz bottles)

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Babee Greens Cleansing Greens is the perfect companion for cloth wipes. This all natural concentrate contains the healing properties of hemp seed oil.  Closest to our skin’s natural oils, the hemp seed replenishes moisture while leaving a barrier of anti-microbial protection. Cleansing Greens is also great used full strength for cleaning body and as a refreshing hand sanitizer.

One four ounce bottle of concentrate will produce eight 8 ounce bottles of solution, enough for hundreds of diaper changes.

Cleansing Greens Set includes our 4-ounce all natural concentrate and 8-ounce spray bottle for mixing and application.

Now available in two scents:  Tea Tree & Lavender or Mandarin

Tea tree and lavender oils provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a pleasant scent. Mandarin provides antiseptic and calming properties as well as a refreshing scent.

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