Apple checks 3 ply XL bamboo insert

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Three layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece give you the ultimate in comfort and absorbency!

Our XL 3-ply insert fits best our Size 3 and Size 4 covers. It offers approximately 30% more surface area than our 2-ply and 3-plyinserts. They’re perfect for bigger children who need more absorbency.

Measures 17.5 by 19 inch before washing.

Rayon from Bamboo is perfect for the heaviest wetter as it retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight! Rayon from bamboo’s antimicrobial properties make it the healthy choice for your baby’s bottom. Rayon from Bamboo is the cloth diapering choice!

These can of course by used in night nappies for extra absorbency.

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