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Anhydrous Lanolin Anavy is designed for the preparation of an impregnation bath on the upper woolen panties, is certified by the State Institute for Textile Treatment, which is in contact with the skin of babies and children under 3 years of age.

Our lanolin is of European origin (unlike most commonly available lanolins from China), it has a pharmaceutical quality - less than 1 ppm of residual pesticides, normal cosmetic lanolin contains up to 1000 times more. Filling into crucibles was carried out in a certified operation for the production of cosmetics according to legal requirements.


To impregnate one wool, mix one teaspoon of lanolin in a little hot water, add a little shampoo and mix again to form a milky mixture. Then pour into a large pot, add cold water, mix and the bath is ready.

In the wool bath, squeeze, remove and gently wring. After that, the panties must be shaped to maintain their dimensions. Stretch them with your hands to the height, not the width. The shape is horizontally distributed horizontally, you can also on the heating towel (so that the wave is not in direct contact with the hot heating). If you want fragrant wool, add a little bit of your favorite essential oil to the spa.

Instructions for preparing the bath can be found on the back of the packaging. 

It is perfectly normal for the wool to stick out of the bath and dry. It is a sign of well-made bark. Bonding after several uses will disappear.

Anavy anhydrous lanolin has not been tested on animals! Lanolin was passed to the State Health Institute by a test of skin tolerance in humans (research carried out on voluntary human subjects according to the ethical guidelines for biomedical research).

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