Anavy cotton velour bamboo fitted

Anavy cotton velour bamboo fitted

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This bamboo fitted nappy is absorbant and soft, the velour is a great outer fabric. It is available with snaps or velcro fastening and adjusts in size by the rise snaps. 
Inside the nappy is 2 bamboo inserts from soft and absorbant bamboo terry,  the long insert is snapped to the back of the nappy and can be folded to the child's needs (more up front for boys and children, who lies on her belly or crawling, middle for girls and toddlers walking) the shorter insert lays in the nappy and can be used on its own for smaller babies or with the long insert for naps and night time. 

Both inserts Large insert in half for girlsFolded in 3 at the front for boys


Passport: 22 - 56+ cm 
thigh: 12 - 34+ cm 
sed: 34-46 cm 

child's weight: from birth up to about 15 kg (depending on the proportions of the child) 


  • liner and absorbent core 80% viscose (bamboo), 20% polyester
  • Middle layer: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • an outer decorative layer of 100% cotton / 95% cotton 5% spandex / 80% cotton, 20% polyester (a specific composition on the product label)

All materials are certified for children up to 3 years. Used rubber latex.

Diapers achieve maximum absorbency after several washings. We recommend washing at 60 degrees, stored in a dry bucket. You can freely dry in the dryer on the delicate program. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleaches. Salt on the stain or aggressive detergents can cause fading prints

On diapers can be signs of production, which disappears after washing. 
Diapers are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. 

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