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Very absorbent and soft diaper from bamboo terry fabric. One of the most versatile diapers we offer. There are 4 layers of fabric in the middle for great absorbency.


The diaper can be used for babies from birth to potty:

  • S (2-6 kg) 30x35 cm
  • M (5-10 kg) 36x40 cm
  • L (10-15 kg) 39x45 cm

  • How to use

You can use the "angel wing fold" secured with a snappi fastener and a diaper cover. For a very easy solution, just put the insert in a cover folded in thirds.

The diaper reaches its full absorbancy after a few washes.

Fabric composition

70 % viscose (bamboo), 28 % cotton (organic) a 2 % polyester

All fabrics are certified as suitable for babies under 3 years. There may be markings that disappear after washing.
Designed and manufactured in the Czech republic.

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