Softbums disposable inserts pack of 20
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Softbums disposable inserts pack of 20

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SoftBums H-Pods (Softbums Hybrid Disposable Inserts) are disposable bamboo inserts that make diapering on the go even easier. They are made from a super soft bamboo viscose that are so trim you can stack 2 together for extra absorbency when needed. Since there is no plastic backing, the moisture can travel to the bottom insert when the top insert it full. 1 H-Pod is about the same size but only half the thickness of a Large stay dry pod and it is just as absorbent! 

SoftBums H-Pods are one size and will fit newborns as well toddlers (5-35 pounds). 1 H-Pod works well for newborns and daytime and 2 H-Pods works well for overnight and heavy wetters. They are biodegradable so feel free to use them when traveling or camping. These H-Pods and other softbum pods fit not only SoftBums shells but any waterproof diaper shell or pocket diaper.

Sold in packs of 20.

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